Tips to make wax, less painful - Waxing in San Diego

Let’s face the fact that getting bikini wax hurts. While all the girls want a clean shining body, getting a bikini wax means going through a painful process of removing all the hair. However, if done in the right way, it should not hurt so badly. There are several ways you can adopt to decrease the pain. If you are looking for waxing in San Diego, make sure you reach out for professional help to get experts to do the same. Following these tips, you will keep the pain away.

Make sure the hair is the right length 

If you plan on cutting hair that is too short, the wax will not pull the hair correctly. Also, long hair at the same time will hurt more. Thus, knowing the right length of the hair to get waxed is crucial. If they are long, you can always ask the professionals to trim your hair before moving onto wax. If you do not trim, it will make the process more painful. Make sure that the hair is at least ¼ inches long before waxing.

Stop Shaving 

If it’s the first time you are planning to get a bikini wax. Stop shaving at least three weeks before your appointment. Shaving can cause immense pain and itching. It also causes the hair to grow back with more density. Once you have switched to a bikini wax. Start going to these places once a month, making the hair thinner and future waxes less painful for each subsequent time.

Exfoliate before the Appointment – Best Skin Care Spa

Exfoliating before a week of the appointment will remove the dead cells from any tapping hair. Removing dead and dry skin helps hair come to the surface that can then be properly pulled from the roots for complete removal.

Soak yourself in a warm bath right before the appointment

If you have free time before the appointment, soak yourself in a warm bath 20 minutes before the appointment. It will open up the necessary pores and will soften the skin, thus making wax easier. Get a skincare spa routine in your monthly chores to feel relaxed now and then.

Take a pain reliever 

You can even try to take an over-the-counter pain reliever with the water if you are too concerned about the pain. This way medicine will be in full effect while you are taking the wax. In addition to minimizing the pain, these medicines may also have inflammatory components to reduce the inflammation over the skin or itching.

Avoid Gymming Immediately After 

If you go to the gym daily, try to work out earlier in the day before your wax appointment. You should try not to go to the gym for at least 8 hours after waxing. The skin will be sensitive at the time, and sweat from the gym will make it prone to rashes and itching. Find the right place for waxing in San Diego to get a skincare routine scheduled.


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